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  • 1.01 Automated Collection - The Collection of Solid Waste from the Service Area by an automated side loading Collection Vehicle.

    1.02 Bag - Plastic sack designed to store Refuse with sufficient wall strength to maintain physical integrity when lifted by the top. Total weight of a Bag and its contents shall not exceed thirty-five (35) pounds.

    1.03 Bin (Dumpster) - Metal receptacle designed to be lifted and emptied mechanically for use primarily at selected Municipal Facilities and Commercial and Industrial Units.

    1.04 Bulky Waste - Items, other than Construction Debris, Hazardous Waste or Stable Matter, with weights or volumes greater than those allowed for Carts. Bulky Waste is residential furniture and fixtures that have no Disposal method other than being deposited into a sanitary Solid Waste landfill. Items include but are not limited to sofas, chairs, tables, bookcases, area rugs (one piece construction), television sets, children's toys that are large and microwave ovens as well as boxes used to package and/or transport these or similar items. Waste resulting from residential demolition (remodeling) and construction is not covered under this Contract; Residents are responsible for removal and Disposal of said material. Items such as lawnmowers and swing sets, which are predominately metal, must be disposed of at a scrap yard, and are the responsibility of Residents.

    1.05 Cart - a receptacle constructed of fiberglass or plastic with a volume of 96 gallons and designed to be used in automated dump service on a Collection Vehicle. At the commencement of this Contract, Carts shall be new OTTO Industries, Inc. MSD95M or Rehrig Pacific ROC95U or an equivalent of either model that is approved by LCG, whose approval will not be unreasonably withheld. A Cart shall be considered new only if it is put into service for the first time under this Contract.

    1.06 City - City of Lafayette, Louisiana.

    1.07 Collection - The art of removing Solid Waste, Yard Waste, Bulky Waste and/or White Goods from the storage point at the source of Generation.

    1.08 Collection Hours - The time period during which Collection is authorized in the Service Area. Collection shall begin no earlier than 4:00 A.M. and shall end no later than 8:00 P.M. unless extension of hours is approved by the LCG Director of Public Works.

    1.09 Collection Route - The City and Rural Area will be subdivided into areas known as collection routes, which will service every Residential Unit in the Service Area. Each route has a specified day(s) of the week upon which Contractor will provide Solid Waste, Yard Waste, Bulky Waste or White Goods pickup within the boundaries of the route.

    1.10 Collection Service - A public or private operation engaged in the Collection, transportation, and Disposal of Solid Waste materials, Yard Waste, Bulky Waste, and/or White Goods.

    1.11 Collection Vehicle - Any vehicle allowed by LCG to perform Collection of Solid Waste, Yard Waste, Bulky Waste, and/or White Goods within the Service Area. This term shall include all mechanized equipment used in the collection and transportation of Solid Waste, Yard Waste, Bulky Waste or White Goods.

    1.12 Compost/Yard Waste Site - An area where Yard Waste is brought for storage, Disposal or processing of Yard Waste into compost and/or mulch.

    1.13 Container for Yard Waste ("Container") - A receptacle with the capacity of greater than twenty (20) gallons but less than thirty-five (35) gallons constructed of plastic, metal or fiberglass, having handles of adequate strength for lifting. The mouth of a container shall have a diameter greater than or equal to that of the base. The weight of a container and its contents shall not exceed fifty (50) pounds.

    1.14 Disposal - The orderly process of discarding useless or unwanted material in a beneficial manner.

    1.15 Disposal Facilities - The physical components of the disposal system, such as transfer conveyances, Transfer Stations, processing plants, landfills and Compost/Yard Waste Sites.

    1.16 Disposal Site - A Waste Material depository designated by Contractor and approved by LCG, whose approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, including but not limited to sanitary landfills, Transfer Stations, incinerators, recycling facilities and waste processing/separation centers licensed, permitted or approved by all governmental bodies and agencies having jurisdiction and requiring such licenses, permits or approvals to receive for processing or final Disposal of Waste Material and Small Dead Animals.

    1.17 Garbage - Any and all Small Dead Animals; every accumulation of waste (animal, vegetable and/or other matter) that results from the preparation, processing, consumption, dealing in, handling, packing, canning, storage, transportation, decay or decomposition of meats, fish, fowl, birds, fruits, grains or other animal or vegetable matter (including, but not by way of limitation, used tin cans and other food containers; and all putrescible or easily decomposable waste animal or vegetable matter which is likely to attract flies or rodents); except (in all cases) any matter included in the definition of Excluded Waste.

    1.18 Generation - The act or process of producing Solid Waste.

    1.19 LCG - Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government.

    1.20 Missed Collection - The failure of Contractor to provide Solid Waste, Bulky Waste, Yard Waste and/or White Goods Collection Service to a residential property within the route during Collection Hours on the day scheduled for route collection, if materials to be collected are set out in accordance with the provisions of this Contract.

    1.21 Parish - Lafayette Parish, Louisiana.

    1.22 Producer - An operator or occupant of a Commercial or Industrial Facility or a Residential Unit who generates Garbage, Rubbish, Yard Waste, Bulky Waste or White Goods.

    1.23 Putrescible Solid Waste - Solid Waste materials containing organic matter that is subject to rapid decomposition by fungi and bacteria, such as food waste and Large and Small Dead Animals.

    1.24 Refuse - Garbage.

    1.25 Resident - Occupant of a Residential Unit within the Service Area.

    1.26 Residential Solid Waste - All Garbage generated by a Producer at a Residential Unit.

    1.27 Residential Unit - A single-family dwelling within the Service Area occupied by a person or group of persons. A Residential Unit shall be deemed occupied when either water or domestic light and power services are being supplied thereto. A condominium dwelling, whether of single or multi-level construction, consisting of four or less contiguous or separate single-family dwelling units, shall be treated as a Residential Unit, except that each single-family dwelling within any such Residential Unit shall be billed separately as a Residential Unit.

    1.28 Rubbish - All waste wood, wood chips, shavings, sawdust, printed matter, paper, pasteboard, rags, straw, used and discarded mattresses, used and discarded clothing, used and discarded shoes and boots, combustible waste pulp and other products such as are used for packaging, or wrapping crockery and glass, ashes, cinders, floor sweepings, glass, mineral or metallic substances, and any and all other Waste Materials not included in the definition of Excluded Waste.

    1.29 Rural Area - Unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish outside of the corporate limits of a municipality.

    1.30 Rural Residential Unit - A Residential Unit located in the Rural Area.

    1.31 Service Area - The geographical area within the City of Lafayette and the Rural Area of the Parish of Lafayette.

    1.32 Small Dead Animals - Animals or portions thereof that have expired from any cause, except those slaughtered or killed for human use, generally including dogs, cats, or other animals excluding farm stock.

    1.33 Solid Waste - Useless, unwanted or discarded materials with insufficient liquid content to be free-flowing, as defined by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976, as amended ("RCRA"), that result from domestic, industrial, commercial, agricultural, governmental and community operations which require proper storage, Collection, transportation and Disposal to prevent environmental pollution inimical to public health, safety and welfare. Solid Waste does not include sewage, earth or material used to fill land in accordance with construction codes, mining residues, slag, dissolved or suspended solids in industrial waste water effluents which are not acceptable for Disposal in sanitary sewage treatment system or any material included in the definition of Excluded Waste.

    1.34 Spare Vehicle - New or used Collection Vehicle.

    1.35 Subcontractor - Person or persons who are performing any part of the scope of work other than Contractor.

    1.36 Transfer Station - A Solid Waste processing facility where Solid Waste is transferred from Collection Vehicles and placed in other vehicles for transportation.

    1.37 Verified Missed Collection - A Missed Collection that LCG confirms by either visual inspection or photographic evidence that Contractor has not remedied by providing Solid Waste, Bulky Waste, Yard Waste and/or White Goods Collection Service within 24 hours of Contractor receiving notice of the Missed Collection from LCG.

    1.38 Waste Material - Waste Material is all non-hazardous, Solid Waste (including Garbage, Rubbish, Bulky Waste, Yard Waste and White Goods) generated at Residential Units that is not excluded by this Contract. Waste Material shall not include any Excluded Waste.

    1.39 White Goods - Inoperative and discarded refrigerators, stoves, water heaters, freezers, washing machines, air conditioners and other similar domestic and light commercial large appliance, household generated only. (Currently, the third party that takes all Bulky Waste and White Goods removes all chlorofluorocarbons after Waste Material is delivered to its yard. In the event this procedure changes, Contractor reserves the right to require that all refrigerants and/or Freon be removed prior to Collection from the Residential Unit by Contractor.)

    1.40 Yard Waste - Grass, leaves, flowers, stalks, stems, tree trimmings, branches, and tree trunks placed at curbside for collection as follows:


    Grass, pine needles, leaves, flowers, stalks, stems, and small tree trimmings [less than two (2) feet in length and less than two (2) inches in diameter] shall be placed in a Bag, Container or Yard Waste Compost Bag, the weight of which shall not exceed fifty (50) pounds; and


    Larger tree trimmings shall be laid neatly in piles at curbside, not tied together with string, twine or like material.

    The maximum weight of any item placed for Yard Waste Collection shall be fifty (50) pounds. All branches shall be cut in length not exceeding four (4) feet.

    1.41 Yard Waste Compost Bag - Bag made of material (preferably paper) that is biodegradable or compostable to prevent plastic bag contamination into the Compost/Yard Waste Site.

(Ord. No. O-216-2008, Exh., 11-4-08)