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  • All Carts, containers, trucks and any other equipment that Contractor furnishes under this Contract shall remain Contractor's property. LCG and its Residents shall use the equipment only for its proper and intended purpose and shall not overload (by weight or volume), move or alter the equipment.

    Contractor agrees to provide, deliver and maintain the 95-gallon Carts for Residential Solid Waste, which are necessary to provide Automated Collection. The initial (first) Cart furnished to the Resident will be at the expense of Contractor. If the Resident desires a second Cart, the Resident will be charged for the cost of same by Contractor who will directly bill the Resident.

    Contractor agrees that if the initially furnished Cart is broken through no fault of the Resident or if the Cart cannot be used as a result of normal wear and tear, or if a Cart is stolen and the Resident owner has filed a police report, Contractor shall replace same without charge, subject to a limit of 2% each year of the total number of Carts based on an approved Cart count by LCG and Contractor, which shall be done annually. The house count to confirm the number of Containers needed in Rural Areas shall be a joint house count by Contractor and LCG. Contractor shall base the number of Containers needed in the City on a certified copy of the Lafayette Utilities System's current billing records.

    Contractor shall maintain a complete inventory of all real and personal property, building, furnishings, containers, vehicles and any other pieces of equipment necessary for the performance of this Contract and shall furnish LCG with such inventory list upon request.

(Ord. No. O-216-2008, Exh., 11-4-08)