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  • 2.01 Commercial and Industrial Refuse ( excluded from this Contract) - All Bulky Waste, Construction Debris, Garbage, Rubbish and Stable Matter generated by a Producer at a Commercial and Industrial Unit.

    2.02 Construction Debris ( excluded from this Contract) - Waste building materials resulting from construction, remodeling, repair or demolition operations at a Residential Unit, Municipal Facility or Commercial and Industrial Unit.

    2.03 Excluded Waste ( excluded from this Contract) - Excluded Waste is Commercial and Industrial Refuse, Construction Debris, Large Dead Animals, Institutional Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste, Offal Waste, Stable Matter, Vegetable Waste, and Special Waste.

    2.04 Hazardous Waste ( excluded from this Contract) - Hazardous Waste is a form of Excluded Waste and is defined as any radioactive, volatile, corrosive, highly flammable, explosive, biomedical, infectious, biohazardous, toxic or listed or characteristic Hazardous Waste as defined by federal, state, provincial or local law or any otherwise regulated waste. Hazardous Waste shall include, but not be limited to, any amount of waste listed or characterized as hazardous by the United States Environmental Protection Agency or any state agency.

    2.05 Institutional Solid Waste ( excluded from this Contract) - Solid Waste originating from education, health care and research facilities such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories and other similar establishments.

    2.06 Commercial and Industrial Units ( excluded from this Contract) - All premises, locations or entities, public or private, requiring Garbage and Rubbish Collection within the Service Area that are not classified as a Residential Unit or Municipal Facility.

    2.07 Large Dead Animals ( excluded from this Contract) - Any animals or portions thereof not meeting the definition of Small Dead Animals.

    2.08 Offal Waste ( excluded from this Contract) - Waste animal (land or marine) matter from establishments such as butcher shops, slaughterhouses, food processing and packing plants, rendering plants and fertilizer plants.

    2.09 Special Waste ( excluded from this Contract) - Special Waste is a form of Excluded Waste and is defined as nonhazardous, Solid Waste that is subject to additional governmental regulations or special handling requirements in Collection, transportation, processing or Disposal as a result of the characteristics of, or processes, which generate, such waste. Special Waste includes, but is not limited to:


    waste iron from a commercial or industrial activity;


    waste generated by an industrial process or a pollution control process;


    waste which may contain free liquids;


    waste which may contain residue and debris from the cleanup of a spill of petroleum, chemical or commercial products or wastes, or contaminated residuals;


    articles from the cleanup of a facility which generates, stores, treats, recycles or disposes of chemical substances, commercial products or wastes;


    asbestos containing or asbestos bearing material that has been properly secured under existing federal, state, provincial and local laws, rules and regulations;


    municipal or commercial Solid Waste that may have come into contact with any of the foregoing;


    filter cake sludge wastes from waste water treatment processes;


    wastes containing any regulated polychlorinated biphenyls; and,


    ash, sludge, tires and powders.

    2.10 Stable Matter ( excluded from this Contract) - All manure and other waste matter normally accumulated in or about a stable, or any animal, livestock or poultry enclosure, and resulting from the keeping of animals, poultry or livestock.

    2.11 Vegetable Waste ( excluded from this Contract) - Putrescible Solid Waste resulting from the processing of plants for food by commercial establishments such as canneries. This definition does not include waste products resulting from the preparation and consumption of food in places such as cafeterias and restaurants.

(Ord. No. O-216-2008, Exh., 11-4-08)